SIFF 2011 Day 01: French Fried

The Seattle International Film Festival started last week, but I was not able to begin my film odyssey until now (oh, woe is me, I had to spend a long weekend in NYC). I began my adventure with Homme Au Bain (Man At Bath), a film about two lovers spending a week away from each other after a fight. The film’s star, adult film actor François Sagat was on hand for some Q&A following the screening. He mentioned that it initially was supposed to be a short film, and he was right. The filmmakers would have done well to stick with the original plan, as there was quite a bit of extraneous footage. This was mostly what was shot in New York with a small non-pro camera, ostensibly by the second lead. There is a lot of male nudity, which I’m all for, but it is short on plot and much too long. Homme Au Bain plays again May 26 at 4:30 at the Egyptian.