SIFF 2014: Day Eight

After a crazy day filled with lots of driving, auto repair, beekeeping, and gardening, the cool air of the Uptown was a welcome respite. Here we nearly missed Calvary, thinking it started an hour later than it really did. The film is a very Irish endeavor, exploring the role of the Church in today’s world, which is heavy with the past. There are sweeping landscapes which are quite breathtaking, but the score is a bit overwrought. All the actors were impressive in their roles, including comedians Chris O’Dowd (apparently born in Sligo where the film is set) and Dylan Moran. This was the second time seeing Domhnall Gleeson in the festival (the first was in Frank). This could have been a very bleak portrait of the world, but it manages to not dive too deep into despair while also not delivering an altogether happy ending. It’s definitely one that makes you think.