Boston, MA — 24 May 2007
After visitng Hartford and Providence the day before, I spent the night with a college buddy in Waltham, MA, a suburb of Boston. Boston is a bit like Seattle in that it is a relatively small port city completely landlocked by other towns and cities.

I took the commuter train into Boston where I met up with another college buddy. We lunched at Cheers (cheesy, I know, but it was my choice), before touring the state house. It was a pretty hot, sunny day, and the city was overrun with tourists. There is quite a bit of history in Boston, but I guess that can get old after awhile.

OK, so we tried to visit Paul Revere's grave, but a tour was going on. We did visit other graves, including that of John Hancock's servant Frank.

The Massachusetts State House (the new one) is fairly grand, but also a bit boring. I only realized this after I got my photos back and saw I had taken only a few inside. Perhaps it was because I had seen two capitol buildings the day before.

Afterward, I got back to my car and hopped onto the Massachusetts Turnpike. It cost me $2.70 to drive across the Bay State and into New York.

The Old State House
Some odd things around the capitol.
Below: The New State House
Somehow, from inside, the dome doesn't seem as solid as it does from without.
This way to Nevada!
This way to Connecticut!