Providence, RI — 23 May 2007
Got a late start from New York, a late departure from Hartford, a little lost, back on track, stuck in traffic. I had planned to get to Providence by 4 pm since the state website said the capitol closes at 4:30, but I didn't pull up to the building until almost six. It was easy to get to from the highway.

Even though it was after closing time, there was plenty of activity. A press conference was going to be starting soon, so there were quite a few people milling about, mostly in and around the state reception room.

A metal detector was set up at the entrance, but no one was manning it, so I walked right in. At some point, someone did ask if I needed help finding something, but he was satisfied when I said I was just looking around.

The building was marble, and it seemed they had some left over because there were courtyards in front and in back made of it, too.

I parked in a 20-minute parking spot, and I used my time quite efficiently. When my time was up, I got back on the highway and headed north to Waltham, MA, where I broke bread and took rest before the next day's visit to Boston.

Left to right: Assembly, reception room, senate.
Fascinating tidbit about the The Ocean State:
  • Total area of Rhode Island: 1,214 mi² (32.4% water)
  • Land area of Bexar County, TX: 1,247 mi²
  • Population of Rhode Island (2000): 1,048,319
  • Population of Bexar County, TX (2000): 1,392,931
* Bexar County, TX is where one can find the Neumann Ranch, and it is also the location of my birth.
This way to Oregon!
This way to Tennessee!