SIFF 2019: Don’t Feed Your Dog Chocolate

This was documentary weekend. On Saturday we went to the Uptown for Le Chocolat de H, which sadly didn’t come with samples. Hironobu Tsujiguchi has won best in show at an annual French chocolate contest for six years, and now he’s preparing for the next contest. We follow him as he decides on which Japanese flavors to showcase, and we follow him to Ecuador where he visits the plantation that supplies some of his cacao. It was kind of like a high end episode of Japanese Style Originator without the celebrity panel.

Pacific Place Mall is undergoing a huge renovation, but the theater is still open. Today we went there to see Who Let The Dogs Out, about the origins of the eponymous hit song. Ben Sisto spent ten years on the research which he apparently has been presenting as a live show, and now we get to see it on film, along with quite a few interviews of musicians and producers involved in said history. In some ways, I would say this film is reminiscent of The Search for General Tso (see SIFF 2014: Day Two).

I found both films interesting and enjoyable, even if I can’t get that danged song out of my head.