Sacramento, CA — 22 Apr 2008
After spending some time in Sonoma Valley, and a couple days in San Francisco with my mom, step-dad, and a family friend, we headed a bit north and east to Sacramento. Midway, we stopped to tour the Jelly Belly factory, where I also ate a jelly bean-shaped cheese pizza.

Sacramento is situated in probably the ugliest part of California. Neither lush green forest nor stark, rolling desert, the city is in the middle of flat, grey farmlands, a mere 5 feet above sea level.

We crossed the Sacramento River on a drawbridge that brought us right onto Capitol Mall with the Capitol Building directly in front of us. The men dropped my mom and me off at the capitol lawn, and we went inside.

There was quite a hustle and bustle going on. The legislature was not in session that day, but there was plenty of business and many visitors. Several school groups were being toured around, and it seemed quite a few private citizens on family vacation decided to come by. Perhaps it's because Arnold Schwarzenegger presides, but Sacramento could be the most popular capitol building thus far.

The building itself was fairly typical of its kind. Marble exterior and interior. The water fountain "urinals" were a bit more stylized than usual, and actually quite attractive I thought. Several rooms were set up as historical galleries. Most capitols have a hushed museum-like quality about them, serene and staid. Sacramento's, however, was loud and cacophanous. I prefer the former.

The next alien invasion.
This way to Washington! This way to Connecticut!