Olympia, WA — 17 Aug 2005
I have been to Olympia, Washington many times in the past 10 years or so (egads, has it been that long?). Attended several great parties, ate many a great breakfast, but not once did I go to the capitol building. My practical knowledge of the city essentially consisted of Exit 107 Pacific Ave.

So when I had the opportunity for a road trip with a good friend of mine, and still running on adrenaline fumes from my Salem adventure, I could not resist taking a detour to my adopted home state capitol.

Our intended destination was Portland, OR, so we didn't spend too much time lingering in Olympia. We did take the time, however, for an impromptu concert on the grand piano in the State Reception Room.

We stayed in town long enough to have a late lunch. We didn't eat at Subway, because we are way too fancy for that. Instead we went to this 50s style diner called Clubside Cafe on 4th Avenue. We were served by a friendly Greek man with beautiful eyes. My travelling companion had a hugh jass greek salad and I had black bean quesadillas made from corn tortillas. Corn because they had run out of flour, offered corn as an alternative, and I took up the challenge. A good lunch. They also have wi-fi at the cafe, but I was lazy (or timid) and didn't try it out.

My power steering fluid hose also sprung a leak in Olympia, but that's a whole other story altogether.

Feel the love.
Open wide and say AHHHH!
This way to Texas! This way to Colorado!