Austin, TX — 3 Nov 2005
There may not be a basement at the Alamo, but there is one in the Texas State Capitol Building. This was, perhaps, the most interesting part of the building itself. If I hadn't have forgotten my camera in Seattle, thereby forcing the use of disposable cameras, I would have tried to take some more interesting photos of the basement. Unfortunately I had the limitations of fixed aperture and shutter speeds combined with my already inept picture-taking. Ho hum.

Beyond the basement, the capitol building fulfilled the expectations I've acquired for capitol buildings. Marble everywhere, the weird urinal-looking water fountains inset in the walls, a rotunda. The Texas version was a little more "proud" than the others I've been in so far. In other words, this building does not let you forget you're in Texas. Everything that could have a Lone Star on it had one. The massive hinges on the massive doors proclaimed their location.

It is possible that the other state capitols are just as boastful, and I just don't notice it as much. Being a native Texan, I'm sure I'm a little skewed in my perspective. I thought it might be exciting to go to my home-state capitol, but I was disappointed. I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. The capitol grounds were very nice and peaceful. Even in the first days of November, the weather was near perfect.

Next stop, Denver.

Tennessee this way! Washington this way!