At the corner of the main road, the north end of the straightaway, was an entrance to the pasture. The gate opened on the road that led past the oil wells and down past the bee hives and to the Back Tank. Between the gravel road and the gate, the earth was somewhat dug out, and a perfect place to play dolls. I used to take an old blanket – I think it was the pink bedspread from the double bed I used to share with my sister – and spread it out in the dip. Sometimes I’d take my little suitcase full of Barbie clothes, and my Barbies, and play dress up and act out little soap operas.
I think I had picnics out there, too. I’d pack up my lunch in my miniature Tupperware set, not forgetting the Kool-Aid.
One of the reasons I chose that spot was because it was quite clear of brush. Obviously, I was on a roadway, but even away from the road, the bushes were kept cleared. This was essential in keeping away from rattlesnakes.