Mini Dreams Fulfilled, Sort Of

On 18 November 2007, I took a Flexcar Mini Cooper out for a spin.

Out of the starting gate, I felt somewhat like a Luddite. The Mini has a push button start accessed by a key fob. What the heck? After fumbling around for a minute or two, my buddy looked up “How to Start the Car” in the manual. Ah ha!

Up and running, we darted off to pick up a couple friends. Somehow, we managed to get a six-foot stocky fellow in the back seat, along with his tiny girlfriend. OK, so she’s not Thumbelina, but considering there’s almost no legroom back there, I had no doubt she’d be comfortable sitting cross-legged behind my six-foot-one buddy in the passenger seat.

We took it out on I-5 up past Northgate Mall and back down to Fremont, where we visited a friend before grabbing some nosh.

Photo by Alex

I think I will take it for a solo outing one of these days. I feel I should experience it with the seat back as far as I can take it and without trying to have a conversation with people in the back seat over some pretty serious road noise.

This Flexcar thing is a pretty good way to test out different vehicles. Maybe on Xmas Day, I’ll take a convertible on my traditional drive up to Snoqualmie Pass. That would be interesting.

3 thoughts on “Mini Dreams Fulfilled, Sort Of

  1. are you kidding me? not only was i robbed of my photo credit, but i am downgraded to ‘my buddy.’

    what’s the dilly, yo?

  2. Well, you see, the photo is posted on Flickr, where I did give you credit, Alex.

    Sulky Alex

    And I referred to you as my buddy to afford you some anonymity. How do I know if you want to be associated with myself? And besides, you do have a history of cavorting with jealous types, so I must be careful with my word choices. (or is that one of my other “buddies”?)

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