SIFF 2018: Day Three – From Kenya to France

I feel like Supa Modo was promoted as a children’s movie (it was sponsored by Full Tilt ice cream, and preceded by a trailer for the final Belle and Sebastien film) but really it was a movie with and about children. Not that it would be inappropriate, but it was a bit heart-wrenching. Jo has only a couple months to live, so her mother brings her home to her Kenyan village where her neighbors try to make her last days memorable. Supa Modo was made possible by Tom Tykwer’s group, the same people who made last year’s Kati Kati available to the world audience. Is it a coincidence that both films are concerned with death?

We couldn’t really remember why had chosen to watch Un beau soleil intérieur but I’m sure it was at least in part due to the presence of Juliette Binoche in the starring role. She’s still got it, as far as I’m concerned, but the film itself left us scratching our heads. Binoche is an artist on a search for love. I think maybe the issue here is that there’s no really beginning, middle, and end. Rather, this is just a segment of the larger story of one woman’s life.